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The simplest thing you can do with cluck is to boil water.

Use this feature for whenever you need to boil water (e.g. general cooking, making coffee/tea, noodle pots, etc.). The cluck app will send you notifications right before the water boils and right as it is boiling.

But cluck isn't just for boiling water. At launch, we'll be supporting a limited number of food types for you to cook with (e.g. eggs, pasta, etc.). Not only will you receive the helpful notifications about your water, cluck's active temperature monitoring will also tell you exactly when your food will be done.

Post launch, we'll be pushing out updates to the app to add more foods you can use with cluck.

Stay tuned, there's more to come!

Building cluck has been an amazing journey. We started with a rough concept and built our first prototype to start testing our hypothesis. It was so large (nearly a foot tall) that we called it Grototype! It really was gross, but it helped us understand the problem and the solution so much better. We iterated on different prototypes 3 additional times reducing the size, temp accuracy, and battery life during each iteration.

Timelapse video of how we built our cluck prototype.

The next step was to create a fully submersible food safe device. In our research it was clear that food safe silicone is the preferred material for home chefs. We leveraged food safe RTV (Room Temperature Vulcanization) Silicone to over-mold our potted electronics which is when cluck was born. The next phase in our journey was leveraging the best food-safe temperature sensor that was a complement to our design. After a couple iterations we have now found the sweet spot and our near final device emerged.

More information about T-Shirts

People will say, "What the cluck?" not only when they see you using your own cluck timer, but when they see you wearing one of these shirts.

In addition to the classic orange shirt, once we hit 30% of our funding goal, we'll be offering a limited number of exclusive, specialty t-shirts.

You'll have four (4) fan-clucking-tastic designs to pick from:


The phrase will be in ALL CAPS, hashtag style on the front of the t-shirt. These are custom printed, so you'll need to tell us your preferred size and color.

This has been an incredible year and we have made great progress. Now, we are ready to take cluck all the way, but we need your help!


  • Strong Team
    Design, Product and Technical Program management expertise bolstered by influential board member in the connected kitchen space.
  • Sustainable and Scalable Technology Advantage
    A patent-pending product including claims for future features and integration with 3rd party hardware and services.
  • Significant Traction
    In one year, we have gone from concept to a working hardware prototype with iOS application and cloud data support. Alexa voice integration is in the starting blocks.


We are seeking: $50,000 to take the cluck hardware and software from prototype to being a market-ready product.


We are working with local contract manufacturers and have done our due diligence around our manufacturing costs and challenges. However, hardware is hard and unexpected obstacles in manufacturing and tooling may arise. In order to minimize the risk from a component sourcing perspective, we have reduced the need for custom electronics to one component: our temperature sensor. For all other parts, we have opted to use electronics which are readily available in market. To mitigate delays due to the acquisition of any necessary certifications, we are using FCC-certified parts.


We, Arne Gaenz and Feridoon “Doon” Malekzadeh, are two veterans of the local Seattle tech scene. With our combined areas of expertise and passion around technology, we want to solve common problems in new and delightful ways. 

We are fortunate enough to have some fantastic people supporting us with their expertise and bolstering our ability to make cluck a reality and bring it to market.

frequently asked questions:

As more questions come up, we'll make sure to update this section with the most common ones.

How does cluck and cluck app work?
  • Tap cluck on the counter to wake it up
  • Place cluck in your pot
  • Turn on the heat
  • Set the cluck app to the food that you are making
  • Hit Start

Cluck will tell you when the water is about to boil and when your food is ready to be served.

How easy is it to setup cluck and the cluck app?

The cluck and cluck app is super simple to setup.  With our active BLE advertising technology there is no need to connect to the cluck.  Simply tap cluck to wake it up and you will see the cluck immediately in the cluck app.

Can the battery be replaced?

The battery in cluck cannot be replaced, but has a battery life of over 3 years.

How many clucks should I buy?

We recommend buying two clucks for your kitchen, this will allow you to cook more than one thing at a time while taking advantage of the safety and convenience features of cluck.

Can I select the color?

We have 2 different packaging options:

  • Orange and Light Blue
  • Yellow and Light Green
How much does the cluck app cost?

The app will be free of charge.

What phones/tablets does the app support?

We will ship with an iOS version.  We have a stretch goal of shipping an android version.

Will we continue to keep the app updated and provide support?

Yes we will!  Our customer’s satisfaction is super important to us.  We will be providing updates based on usage data and customer feedback!

Will cluck continue to be on the market after the campaign is over?

Absolutely!  We are excited to bring the product to market beyond the campaign.  We will start offering the product in stores or from our online website after we ship all of you (our backers) their products!  Backers first!

Do we have a warranty for cluck?

Indeed we do, we will provide a full replacement warranty for 1 year.

Is cluck microwave, oven safe, or BBQ safe?

NO!  While we have plans for future products in the oven, cluck is not safe at oven (nor BBQ) temperatures.  Cluck will also NOT work in the microwave.  Using cluck in either of these environments will void the warranty.

Are there other ways I can support cluck? Yes, absolutely. Check out our full list of perks (to the right) to find other ways you can support cluck.
  • Donate $2 to help feed families (including ours)!
  • Design our packaging!
  • Buy a t-shirt!
  • Become and advisor!

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